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VisoHotlink 1.02

VisoHotlink 1.02
VisoHotlink 1.02

A critical vulnerability has been discovered in VisoHotlink. Please upgrade to the V1.02 as soon as possible!

This vulnerability was caused by an inclusion mistake. If your server were not correctly secured, an attacker could have taken control of it. The VisoHotlink 1.02 corrects this bug and reinforces the script security.

VisoHotlink 1.01

VisoHotlink 1.01
VisoHotlink 1.01

I've discovered recently a critical bug in VisoHotlink. Il corrected it immediately a you can download the patch to correct this bug.

This bug appears for large website. When you have a lot of hotlinks, a blank page appears when you want to see the hotlinks list. This is due to a memory overload. The patch optimizes the script and you won't have problems like this any more.

VisoHotlink 1.0

VisoHotlink 1.0
VisoHotlink 1.0

Here is the second release of VisoHotlink, the free tool for analysis of hotlinks and traffic sources! Many features were added like management by site, detection of search engines, keywords, referers,…

I would like to thank the people who helped me to develop this software: Philippe (Visit his site: Forum New Beetle), François (Visithis site: Photos of Sweden), Baigonvert (Visit its profile) as all those who reported bugs and suggested new functionalities!

VisoHotlink offers new possibilities to follow the evolution of your site and to optimize its SEO. Do not hesitate to test it!

VisoHotlink 0.9

Visohotlink 0.9
Visohotlink 0.9

Hotlinking is very common on the web by now and is not very easy to detect. A lot of people often use your pictures in their blog, wiki, forum and sometimes homepage. They just paste the url of your file in there html source. And they don't ask for it. It can be damaging for your website since it uses your bandwith. 

But you can also take advantages of hotlinking. For exemple, if a blogger shows one of your picture in its last article, you could ask him for a link. And then, you makes more visits and you also improve your SEO.

Instead of prohibit hotlinking, it's more usefull to examine each hotlink and decide of an appropriate answer.

VisoHotlink is a php/MySQL script that helps you to detect and manage hotlink of your pictures. Here is now the 0.9 release. Its main features are :

  •  Detection of hotlink using .htaccess file.
  •  For each hotlink, you can choose to send the picture, send another picture or send nothing.
  • To classify hotlinks, you can choose beween several types.
  • Global and individual statistics (downloads number, bandwidth used) for each hotlink. 
  • Multilanguage (english and french only available by now but you are welcome to send be translations in your own language!)
  • Easy administration.
  • List of referer to ignore.

In order to work, VisoHotlink needs the followings :

  • Php4
  • MySQL4
  • Mod_rewrite activated
Visohotlink exists in 2 release : one is a component for Joomla!, and the other work without any CMS.
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